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Visitor Info


Visitor info

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Weekends & Holidays

Whole day
09 : 30 ~ 17 : 00

Please note:
1. Reservations are taken on weekdays only, including groups. Please take your reservation here. 
2. Hours are subject to change; please follow the announcement for any time adjustment.
3. Please purchase your tickets before 16:00.

Visitor Info

To ensure a safe, enjoyable experience, please comply with the following regulations:

  1. On average, a visit to i-Ride experience center lasts about 25 minutes, including the exhibition and i-Ride Theater.
  2. People who take reservation in advance have the priority to enter the show. For individual visitors who purchase tickets on site, please wait in line for the nearest available show time. No reservations accepted on weekends or holidays.
  3. For people who have had made the reservation, please check-in 15 minutes before the show will start. Staffs have right to adjust your time of visit if you didn’t arrive at designated visiting time.
  4. Your ticket(s) is/are valid only for the number of person(s), time slot and date stated on its/their ticket(s).
  5. i-Ride Experience Center may close sections of areas during exhibition changes, renovation, construction, or major incidents.
  6. Photography, video recording or sound recording of any elements of the experience is strictly prohibited.
  7. Visitors are required to abide by the regulations set forth in this notice, and follow the instructions given by the staff. Any violation of the following rules will result in warnings, stopping of behavior/act, denial of admission, and/or dismissal from the venue:
    • A. Dangerous items, food, liquid, bottles, and cans are strictly prohibited.
    • B. Visitors should not run, play, eat, drink, smoke, sit on the floor, gambling, and littering.
    • C. Pets are prohibited inside the experience center.
    • D. Travel bags, luggage, and large items such as umbrellas must be deposited at the counter.
    • Any violation to the Regulations which caused damage to the venue, i-Ride Experience Center reserves the right to claim.
      Above regulations are subject to change, please refer to the onsite announcement.


1. For purchasing Kaohsiung citizen and disabled ticket(s), please refer to the purchase regulations to present relevant documents for verification. If the certification cannot be provided, a full fare ticket price will be charged.

2. The venue contains stairs, and you must be able to go on the rides yourself; audience discretion is advised for those inconvenient or those taking wheelchair. For further details, please check in on our official website “Boarding Instructions”.